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sega 27
arcade game 25
super 23
double dragon 21
print 21
space harrier 21
tel 21
hit squad 20
megadrive 16
role playing 16
super mario 16
game gear 14
melbourne house 14
paul rand 13
ram 13
amstrad cpc 12
disk drive 12
master system 12
program 12
ram pack 12
sound effects 12
arcade adventure 11
code mstrs 11
games including 11
jet set 11
sega megadrive 11
super famicom 11
zealand story 11
bbc 10
bbc model 10
computer games 10
graphics sound 10
high resolution 10
post haste 10
space invaders 10
video 10
amstrad 9
cassette 9
goto 9
julian rignall 9
screen 9
spectrum version 9
code masters 8
credit card 8
operation wolf 8
street tel 8
acorn atom 7
computer game 7
cvg 7
donkey kong 7
keith campbell 7
nintendo 7
personal computer 7
poke 7
spectrum price 7
street tet 7
summer games 7
super monaco 7
video genie 7
dragon 6
football manager 6
high street 6
print print 6
robert swan 6
teenage mutant 6
adventure game 5
arcade action 5
cbm 5
disk 5
fire button 5
game boy 5
golden axe 5
good software 5
indiana jones 5
low price 5
mickey mouse 5
play ability 5
richard leadbetter 5
road tel 5
sega master 5
send sae 5
seventh empire 5
swap 5
tet 5
vat 5
video game 5
bbc micro 4
bomb jack 4
computer centre 4
data data 4
electronic arts 4
erm 4
grand prix 4
manic miner 4
martial arts 4
prices include 4
software houses 4
spectrum cassette 4
spectrum software 4
star wars 4
started graphics 4
tor 4
trivial pursuit 4
winter games 4
alien syndrome 3
altered beast 3
amiga version 3
arcade games 3
atari lynx 3
atari vcs 3
big red 3
call call 3
cassette recorder 3
cup soccer 3
exploding fist 3
famicom 3
graphic adventure 3
hardware required 3
high score 3
ideas central 3
machine language 3
magnetic scrolls 3
mutant hero 3
neo geo 3
ond 3
print ink 3
rainbow islands 3
sell tor 3
shadow warriors 3
software projects 3
spectrum spectrum 3
star trek 3
strike force 3
stunt car 3
super programs 3
takes place 3
ami 2
amstrad cassette 2
arcade style 2
atom 2
black tiger 2
bruce lee 2
call color 2
call hchar 2
cas 2
cas cas 2
colour monitor 2
comm 2
comm spec 2
computer hits 2
coram spec 2
dan dare 2
dragon ninja 2
golden joystick 2
good condition 2
gremlin graphics 2
hero turtles 2
horizontally scrolling 2
james bond 2
joystick 2
lor 2
memory location 2
ocean software 2
paul glancey 2
pole position 2
power supply 2
programs 2
road runner 2
rocky horror 2
scrolling 2
set willy 2
shadow dancer 2
sinclair 2
software house 2
software including 2
software limited 2
sonic 2
space station 2
spec 2
spec ami 2
spec ams 2
special offers 2
special reserve 2
spectrum low 2
super nes 2
tim boone 2
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